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10 Recommendations for cutting Risk of Cancer

Cancer is one of the most trenching nightmares for any human body. Cancer just not affect on the Human Bodies but Cancer also does simultaneously impact on cognitive behaviour of a Human Being. Various researches has stand by in order to increase the awareness of Cancer. World Cancer Research Fund is one of the research foundations that has been actively investing their time in order to make people aware of early signs of Cancer.

Derived from that foundation, they have highlighted 10 basic points which they have recommended that may help in decreasing the risk of Cancer in a human body. These 10 points should be followed rigorously for keeping a Human body healthy and specifically decreases the risk of Cancer.

Cutting the risk of Cancer | 10 Recommendations

  1. Avoid Weight Gain: Maintain healthy weight of your body. It is highly recommended to consume healthy foods specially in your early age to avoid excessive weight gain in adult life. These traits may lead to grow  cancerous.
  2. Be Physically Active: Every human body should get an exposure of physical activity regularly. It is highly recommended to walk, and exercise everyday. Sitting ideally is deadly for a human body.
  3. Eat Rich: Rich diet is a must for human body. It is highly recommended to make wholegrain, pulses, fruits and vegetables an important part of your regular diet.
  4. Limit Eating Fast food: Fast foods possess high quantity of fats, sugar and starches in it that is completely unhealthy for a human body. It is highly recommended to avoid usage of fast foods in diet.
  5. Limit consumption of Red and processed Meat: Consumption of red meat such as Lamb, Pork or Beef is highly prohibited. It is highly recommended to decrease the use of red and processed meat from regular diet.
  6. Drink Water: Instead of consuming carbonated drinks it is highly recommended to consume maximum water. Consumption of sugar-sweetened drinks are bad for a human body.
  7. Limit Alcohol Consumption: To prevent cancer in a human body it is highly recommended to decrease or maybe stop the consumption of Alcohol.
  8. Stop Using Supplements: A human body has certain nutritional needs, it is not recommended to fulfil those needs by consuming supplements, instead healthy diet schedule should be followed to cover those needs.
  9. Breast Feed Babies: The exercise of breastfeeding is proven healthy for both baby and mother, therefore it is highly recommended for mothers to breastfeed their babies.
  10. Check Doctors Regularly: A regular checkup with doctors will help in killing bacteria in their early stage before it grows and may turn cancerous for a body. Therefore, it is recommended to consult doctor if you notice any thing irregular in your body.

Hope these 10 recommendations were helpful to you. Comment in the below section and let us know your feedback.

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