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5 Cities in Pakistan that really have “Interesting Names” :D

Happypotamas found out 8 Cities in Pakistan that has some really “Interesting” names:

1. Loralai:

It is a small City Located in the Northeast of Balochistan, but the pronunciation of this makes brings a weird smirk on my face.

2. Eminabad:

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The city Eminabad, which is located in Punjab, however, has nothing to do with Eminem but yet still do sound like him. The place is considered holy by Sikhs since it is supposed to be the place Guru Nanak stayed for 40 days to meditate.

3. Pacca Chang:

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Well, this is one city name, most like our Chinese friends would love to keep in the future. This is a small city located in Sindh. No such information about this place was available online but this is for sure a fun name to be spoken loudly.

4. Ratodero:

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Call me crazy but come on this place does sound like a substitude player of Ronaldo :p However, this place happens to be a town which located in a sub-division of Larkana District, Sindh. The city is rich with Sindhi culture and is considered to be over 350 years old.

5. Diplo:

Diplo is such an incomplete Diploma…. COME ON ! this is so awkwardly hilarious. It seems like this name was stolen by DJ due to the fame of it. No such information is available about this city. The only think we could found out is that this city was founded and mainly inhabited by Hindus, even post partition.


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