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Happypotamos produces and generates great content as posts/videos/pictures/blog that mainly focuses on Pakistan, Education, Tourism, Entertainment and Current Affairs that makes our readers feel contented in the world which is full of happiness and makes them forget all the betrayal or hurtful memories for that time period.
GET HIGH with Happypotamas ! We will make you go ZOOOOMMMM !
Following people can follow us:
  • People whose life sucks and they need a break through some high class bekar content !
  • People who are not happy with their life and don’t have any fun to do. Say no more ! And just go through some inexplicable content that would make u die laughing !
  • People who are not happy and feels like already done with their wife. Trust us dont hate her just visit us and we will make you laugh at her !
  • If your husband is too bossy or don’t listen to you doesn’t take you out anywhere just follow us we’ll tell you how to use a jharoo.
Basically we are a perfect solution for your timepass, treat us as your ex girlfriend/boyfriend whom you used to stalk on Facebook