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Boulton Market: Pakistan’s Biggest Wholesale Market

Built in the late 1800s, the Boulton Market is one of the oldest and biggest markets in Karachi. It serves as a hub for retailers, mainly small business owners, and general customers, who turn up in considerable numbers to shop for goods at the cut-price rates offered.

Online Wholesale Store

This market is quite popular as many retail shopkeepers have stated that they prefer purchasing all their stock from this market. You can almost find any type of product available in this so-called wholesale bazaar! Though Boulton Market is known for its trading of wholesale products, many people have started operating retail shops for customers who are merely looking for cheap rates to buy lower units of a particular good.

However, due to the emergence of many more wholesale markets like Impress Market and Gul Plaza, customer traffic has declined significantly. In addition, due to lack of parking facilities and increase in traffic congestion, many buyers have opted to go for other markets around the city.

However, in order to tackle these problems, Boulton Market just went online! Yes, you heard that right! Now, all you need to do is use your internet, order all your products online and get them delivered to your doorsteps. This is an excellent opportunity for all business owners who are dying to reach the market in this scorching heat. You can order in bulk or low quantity, but you’ll still get your goods at wholesale prices. You can order branded clothes, shoes, cosmetics, toys and many accessories. In fact, many online retail stores have already started ordering their merchandise from this online wholesale store.

We agree that online wholesale shopping in Pakistan isn’t an easy thing to digest yet. Therefore, we have come up with a few benefits of purchasing wholesale products online.

Advantages of Buying From an Online Wholesale Store

1.     Product Comparison Becomes Easier

If you physically go to a store, they’ll probably have only one brand of a particular product. In order to compare it with other brands, you’ll just have to walk store to store in this crowded market. Not only will it waste quite an amount of time, but it’s also pretty hectic. Most of the time you can only visit 2 to 3 vendors and have to make your decision according to your limited research.

On the other hand, if you were to look at the products on the online wholesale store, the whole list is in front of you with many pictures and features. The quantity available is also mentioned so that you can plan how much you need. In addition, all the goods will be delivered to your doorstep, which means you can focus on running your business while your parcel arrives.

2.     Easy to Look For Rare Items

You know that you can find a particular product In this market, but do you know which shop to go to? Looking for rare products is a hassle that can easily frustrate you. The market is enormous, with thousands of shops selling products and no one has enough time to guide you.

On the online wholsale store, all you need to do is type the name of the product in the search bar and voilà! The product is right in front of your eyes just a click away from getting packed and delivered.

3.     Saves Time, Money and Effort

Whether you’re planning to buy 100 units of 10 units of a product, will deliver it to you at an unbelievable wholesale price. I’m pretty sure this website will make many people’s lives more comfortable. In addition, imagine the amount of cargo cost and traveling cost you’ll save. On top of that, you can relax on your sofa and order from the mobile-optimized site from your smartphone.

Wrap Up

74% of retailers prefer to buy products online, why are you still using the traditional method? Don’t waste time in booking an Uber or Careem to go to the market. Start buying all your products in bulk quantity from this online wholesale store at cheap prices.

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