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Top Five Markets For Shopping in Karachi

The city of lights, is famous all over Pakistan for its variety of large shopping markets and malls. In fact, currently, the biggest shopping malls of Pakistan, The Lucky One Mall, is situated in Karachi.

However, when it comes to buying clothes, jewelry, footwear and other clothing accessories, Karachiites still prefer going to shopping markets instead of malls. If you are a resident of Karachi, I’m pretty sure you already know which markets I’m referring too. However, for all the other Pakistanis, here is a list of the top five markets in Karachi you can shop to fulfill your requirements.

Top Five Shopping Markets in Karachi

1.     Tariq Road

This place is considered the shopping paradise of Karachi for all men and women. You can find almost every type of product from high quality to low in this market. In addition, this market also has one of the most popular malls of Karachi, Dolmen Mall situated in the heart. This market is located in the center of the city.

People from all corners of this huge city spend thousands of Rupees every time they set foot here. Not only that, this market is filled with numerous shopping centers, restaurants, snack bars, and juice points. So if you’re in no mood for shopping and are looking for something to munch on, then this is the place to be.

2.     Zainab Market

Next up in line is the traditional Zainab Market. This shopping market is usually crowded with people from the southern part of Karachi. You can find many shops that sell export quality goods at pretty low prices. That’s pretty much the primary reason why people still come here. In addition, this market now also has many factory outlets of some of the top clothing brands.

You can also find the Atrium Mall in this market, which is primarily famous for being the first 3D cinema in Karachi. You can’t forget the food, can you? Well, this market also has many favorite food points like KBC, Chullu Kabab and you can never hate the ‘Ande Wala Burger’ stalls standing at every corner.

3.     Boulton Market

The oldest and biggest wholesale market is a must in this list. This place is home to many top wholesale business owners of Pakistan. In fact, the products from this market are supplied all over Pakistan. However, due to parking issues and high traffic, the market has lost many customers. To tackle this issue, an online version of this market has also begun selling products in bulk quantity and wholesale prices.

Wondering where the clothing part went? To be precise, this market isn’t that good for clothing. However, you can find high quality and low priced shoes, watches, eyewear, towels, and many home accessories. A visit to this market won’t hurt!

4.     Zamzama Commercial Market

This market is situated near DHA and Clifton, two areas of Karachi that are home to the elite class. This market is also targeting the same audience. You’ll mostly find imported and branded products in this market. The prices are sky high, and it is usually crowded with the elite class. If you’ve got the money and are looking for superb quality products, then this market is for you.

In addition, to satisfy shopper’s taste buds many top restaurants and cafes are also situated in this area. Some notable ones are Pizza Hut, Dominoes, Pantry and The Butler’s Chocolate Café.

5.     Hyderi Shopping Market

I’m pretty sure many of you haven’t even seen this market yet. It’s not because it’s a small market, in fact, you can also find the Dolmen Mall in this market. This place is usually crowded by people who live in the northern areas of Karachi, like Nazimabad, FB Area, Surjani Town and North Karachi. This market is pretty big and has many shops that sell products of both high and low quality.

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