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Freelancers are allowed to receive upto $5,000 in Payments, SBP

Pakistan and the strategies been revived in the Country currently has shown alot stress in grooming the economy on Financial grounds. A high priority is been given to decrease financial deficits of the Country and most certainly various activities are underway for the success of this.

In the route to achieve this the State Bank of Pakistan (SBP) has apparently devised a strategy to receive additional workers’ remittances of at least $1.2 billion per year, as it has allowed freelancers to receive foreign payments of up to $5,000 per individual on monthly basis. It was observed earlier, the limit for such inward foreign payment was capped at $1,500 per individual per month but due to the shift of strategies, Pakistan now have increased this bar upto $5,000.

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This new regulation has provided a scope for Entrepreneur, who will now be able to use the impact of globalisation to earn in full potential. This will also have a positive impact upon unemployment ratio which would trigger the development of overall economy.

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