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How Does It Feel Like Being In Anxiety And Depression !

We are soon about to enter 2020, it is our duty to enhance our vision through recognizing the mistakes and learning from the experiences incurred in the past. There are so many people around us that have been going through their monotonous race called life. The most common thing yet the most difficult to be recognized facet of everyone’s life is Anxiety and Depression.

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Anxiety and Depression is a natural response of a human body towards stress. This is a situation which every individual faces when they position themselves in fear or apprehension of what is next to come.  It is really important for us to know how it feels like to be in this position.

When a human body is in Anxiety or in Depression the thought that initiates this feeling starts drooling in the entire body. Anxiety or Depression creates the streak of thoughts in the brain creating a trap for the suffering of each human mind. It should be noted that sometimes the only way to get out from the trap of Anxiety or Depression is sharing the thoughts with your closed once. Unfortunately, the thought of anxiety starts speeding up when the support from the loved once starts to fade.

It should be understood that when your closed once comes to you to share their life moments, instead of taking it for granted you should just listen to it. Your listening will help that individual get out of the trap of Anxiety or Depression, which may be the most painful moment for that person.

Truth should be told, I would like to mention few scenario that are usually experienced upon such conversations and somehow everyone can relate to it:

  1. Do not just say “Hey bro everything will be okay”. Try to put your foot in his/her shoe and try to suggest few things to him/her accordingly.
  2. If someone cries while sharing their moments, do not just be ignorant. Let them cry it will make them light headed.
  3. Stop asking them to take their problems for granted and that they are young and they should be focusing on other stuffs !

To everyone who is going through this situation, they should know that they are not alone. There are others like you. It is not the end of the world, it will get better for you, even if doesn’t feel like it, now. Stay strong.

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