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In Pakistan Your Hundred Dollars Can Go Alot Further ! – Dear Alyne

Pakistan is a beautiful country, blessed with enhanced pack of physiography experienced in no other land. In past due to various challenges, Pakistan was not able to focus on reviving tourism in the Country, but now when security concerns is no more a threat, Pakistan has been pulling major efforts on increasing tourism in the country. This effort have somehow starting to bring up results, the revival and safe environmental conditions of the tourism aspect has encouraged many foreigners to witness the impeccable beauty of the country. Recently, a famous YouTuber, Dear Alyne, visited Pakistan and created a vlog on her travel across Northern areas of Pakistan in just 100 dollars !

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Source: ARY News TV

Dear Alyne, is one of the most famous YouTuber having millions of views and subscribers on her YouTube Channel. Dear Alyne vlog on the visit to Pakistan has reached millions of viewers throughout the world and the positive image depicted by Dear Alyne has impacted positive side of the country in front of international media. Video published by Dear Alyne showed how safe and affordable it is to travel in Pakistan, specially how she managed to travel in the Northern areas of Pakistan in just $100 !

The Most AFFORDABLE Adventure?

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Posted by Dear Alyne on Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Dear Alyne showed the following breakdown of her activities in Pakistan:

Breakfast in the beautiful mountains for 8 people= 8 dollars.

A cup of tea in the mountains= 25 cents.

A jeep with a driver for one day= 30 dollars.

A customized traditional dress tailored by locals= 16 dollars.

A rickshaw ride across the city= 1.50 dollars. (Though the rickshaw shown in the vlog looks Indian).

A boat ride in the lake= 75 cents.

A stomach-filling local night meal= 1.50 dollars.

A room structured as igloo with an amazing view in front of a lake= 50 dollars.

It is just money but the experience she had in the country was inexplicable. Try to spread this blog as much as you can so that we could actively take part in reviving tourism in the country.

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