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KE & Engro Plans to Install a set up that could Produce Electricity through Garbage !

Karachi is a Capital city of Sindh, which is impacted by high population growth rate. The opportunities provided in this metropolitan city is admissible that do lead in high migration rate as well. This growth ratio has increased the demand of power supply in this city. Karachi Electric (KE), the power supplier of this city is aware of the demand and therefore is at the urge of increasing the capacity of their supply through various alternative means. Lately, Karachi has been the focal point for its solid waste mismanagement that did result in the spread of nauseous impact upon the citizens of this city.

These events and off course the subsequent impact of Climate Change have always been the most concerned issue of the state and hence KE along with Engro found a solution to it. In order to reduce the climate change and admissible problem of solid waste management, K-Electric and Engro Energy have signed a Memorandum or Understanding (MoU) to develop a 50MW Solid Waste to Energy Plant. Reportedly, the estimated cost of this production will be US $175 Million.

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Moonis Alvi, CEO KE said,

“KE is committed to providing clean, reliable and affordable energy for the sustainable development of the city. Signing of this MoU today is yet another testament of our efforts towards a cleaner and greener Karachi. We are hopeful to complete this project as soon as possible with the right facilitation from all concerned quarters and regulatory approvals.

As per reports, Karachi produces around 12,000 to 15,000 tons of solid waste daily and therefore has the potential to generate more than 200MW of electricity. Successful commissioning of this project will encourage the development of more such projects in the future to address the pressing waste disposal issues while also resolving the problems of limited landfill spaces and gas emissions.”

Ahsan Zafar Syed, CEO of Engro Energy also said,

“Engro is always at the forefront of solving the pressing issues of our time and one such challenge that our country faces is waste management in our cities. This collaboration with Karachi Electric signals our resolve to find a solution around the waste management issues in one of Pakistan’s major cities. Karachi is home to a populace of over 20 million people and the waste-to-energy plant will not only add clean energy to K-Electric’s energy mix but will also provide a sustainable way to manage solid waste which is important for the environment whilst improving livability index of Karachi.”


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