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Latest Addictive Supernatural Murder Mystery by HBO: ‘The Outsider’

Weekend is close and I am so sure you are looking for options that you could watch while staying warm inside your home in this cold. Out of multiple options we found a best one for you. The Outsider. If you like mystery, murder, or thriller you MUST go watch The Outsider.

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Outsider is a series produced by HBO network. The Outsider is originated from the bestselling novel written by the well known writer Stephen Kings. It is a series based on a gruesome murder of a young boy. This boy was only 11 years old, and used to live in a small town of USA. This young boy was brutally raped and murdered. The investigation stood up and all the evidence that were abstracted pointed out towards one man. Shockingly, that one person who is considered as a suspect provided all the relevant evidence that proves he was not in the town when the crime was committed. The situation is dubious. How can these two proof be so convincing when we know it poles apart.

Outsider possess such an impossible story-line. The boy in king’s story is depicted so well by HBO. The story seems to have an impossible problem that of course does have an equally inexplicable solution. The fundamental issue with the story leads towards the only place for it to go, that eventually, is into predictable supernatural territory.

Outsider in their trailer has shown few heart wrenching glimpses on the series. Go through the trailer below:

HBO posted this Tweet on Monday after they released their 1st episode of The Outsider on Sunday:

Stephen King himself was super excited for this TV Show:

So folks, this is an awesome time to spare for this tv show. If there is anymore information you want to place, kindly post it up in the below comments section. Keep on tuning Happypotamas for further updates. Happy Weekend to all readers !

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