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A Man Faked Death Because His Wife Was Annoying

Danny Gonzalez is a 27-year old guy who was stucked in a never ending loop of annoyance. Danny Gonzalez used to live in Honduras with his wife. He moved to USA for work where he regularly started to receive monotonous calls from his wife back from his home town. Within no time he started to realize the pressure that perhaps was too much for a guy who is only 27 years old. Danny Gonzalez started to look for methods that would actually make him free from this streak of annoyance and that is when he realized how death could help him with this.

An idea started to brew in Danny’s mischievous mind. He planned an act where he portrait an image of himself on deathbed with having wool stucked in his nose while having white cloth covered all over his body. He also had posted another photo of himself that showed a coffin that was covered with flowers upon it. He portrait the cause of death of Cancer and Asthma.

Danial sent the news of his fake death through mail to his wife in Honduras. The news created a huge hyped by the local media. Danial’s story started to spread among locals. Upon research the truth came out and his plan to play death was up in front of everyone. He justified his claim of fake death through this statement:

“My wife calls me every week just to tell me to send her more money,I had already sent her six [cell phones] and she kept calling me to tell me it was stolen.”

Long-distance relationship are tough. The distance leaves a gap between a couple. A smart choice to decrease this distance is to identify the values that may exist in between a couple. The values that are shared will keep each other contended. This feeling will always make couple realize how much incomplete their stories without eachother.

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