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Multan and 8 Things People Love About it !

Cities in Pakistan are characterized by their culture or by people as unique individuals with distinct norms and values. There are many popular metropolitan cities in Pakistan that are famous for their unique attributes like, Karachi is popular for its seashore or the food culture, Multan is similarly popular for various things that are often discussed but we miss highlighting it.

So, here’s bunch of things for travellers to get excited about Multan, also popularly known as the City of Saints:

  1. If you are a shopaholic then gulgasht avenue is a must to vist.

  2. Interested in some historic places? You must visit dabar of Hazarat Shah Rukn-E-Alam. It’s situated near Hussain agahi bazaar.

  3. Multani version of ghanta ghar.

  4. Multani Khusay at the “Lahori Gate” is famous for its Comfortable and Traditional Wear.

  5. All Pakistanis are foodie so here are some delicious barbeque from multan.

  6. If you looking for some traditional nashta then saddar multan is your place (NIHARI).

  7. Obviously you wouldn’t want to miss gol gappaye.

  8. Interested in traditional wear of multan then “Saddar bazaar” is your place.

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