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What Will We Be Left With After COVID-19 Ends ?

Coronavirus has impacted the lives of every person around the globe. Small and large scale businesses have lost profits and deadlines. The objectives of each business have shifted to the most current requirements the world has encountered. All of a sudden the easiest thing, “Shaking of Hands” became the riskiest thing of life. Coronavirus changed the lifestyle of each human or at least those that are surrounded by the cautious prevent of Coronavirus. While going through all of these changes experienced all around the globe, it is really important for us to understand and predict the future. Present impacts did not make us prepare for the upcoming events but history teaches us certain lessons. These predictive measures should not be ignored and in fact should be studied carefully in order to make adjustments, prepare and forecast the fact of What will we be left with after COVID-19 ends?

What Will We Be Left With After COVID-19 Ends?

Our Team at Happypotamas tried to conduct secondary research, with an objective to find out the facts which were encrypted as a message from the impact attained during the current pandemic COVID-19. We tried to crack few fascinating predictions which might result at the end of COVID-19.

  1. The USA is no longer the world’s leading economy.
  2. China may just have won the 3rd world war without even firing a missile.
  3. Vladimir Putin is a Visionary.
  4. Prevention saves more lives than acting at the last moment.
  5. Health professionals and equipment are scarce in numbers.
  6. Europeans are not as professional and civilized as they may have appeared to be.
  7. Children persist to have a special and inevitable place in nature.
  8. Oil is worthless in a society without consumption.
  9. Unity is the purest hope to survive.
  10. Human beings are opportunistic regardless of whatever situation may come up.
  11. Toilet papers are worthy
  12. Social Media may pioneer panic.
  13. The Planet regenerates quickly.
  14. We are not as advanced as it is predicted in theories.
  15. There should be a larger budget of Health care then weapons or festivals.

Let’s spread this message to the maximum audience so that they are prepared for their vision for the future. You may point out further points if you feel like adding in the list by leaving a comment below. Meanwhile, stay safe and follow the precautionary measures prescribed by the experts.

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